15 Minute Wonton Soup Made Easily At Home!

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On crisp evenings when time is short, this quick and simple soul-warming soup is an all out gift from heaven. It is extremely easy to make however doesn't lack in flavor. In any case, what I cherish most about this 15 Minute Wonton Soup is the gigantic bunch of greens that are tossed directly into the pot toward the end, giving it a lovely burst of vibrance and supplements.

It is likewise low in calories, while being filling and fulfilling!


The delightful soup is settled on your selection of shallots or leeks, chicken or veggie broth, ginger and lemon. Flavor it up with chili flakes or sriracha.


You can utilize cuts of crisp ginger or considerably ginger paste.


Saute the leeks and ginger at that point add the broth and heat to the point of boiling.

Utilize your most loved frozen wontons – ideally, smaller, bite estimated wontons, which cook up all around rapidly. I truly like the chomp estimated chicken wontons from Trader Joes. Or on the other hand don't hesitate to utilize a veggie lover or vegan wonton.

For greens, I regularly use what I have available in some cases this is baby spinach or arugula, some of the time it's kale, and at times it's baby bok choy like you see here. I've even utilized shredded cabbage and shredded brussel sprouts enabling them to shrink somewhat more. Now and then when I have additional time, I'll hurl in matchstick carrots, cabbage, different veggies alongside the wontons.

15 Minute Wonton Soup stacked up with solid greens in tasty lemon ginger juices simple, quick, heavenly – this basic formula makes 2 servings!


·         1 leek, white parts, thinly sliced ( or sub 1 shallot or ½ cup onion)

·         4 slices ginger (the size of a quarter, leave peels on- or 1 tablespoon ginger paste)

·         1 tablespoon olive oil

·         4 cups chicken broth ( or veggie broth)

·         10–14 wontons ( chicken, shrimp or vegetarian)

·         salt and lemon juice to taste

·         a couple handful of chopped greens- baby spinach, arugula, bok choy, chopped kale

·         garnish options: scallions, cilantro, sesame seeds, chili flakes or sriracha


·         In a medium pot, sauté the shallot and ginger in oil, over medium heat, until fragrant, around 2 minutes. Include the stock, spread and heat to the point of boiling. Include the wontons and stew as indicated by bearings on the bundle (3-5 minutes-contingent upon size) They typically drift when cooked through.

·         Taste the broth and include salt and a squeeze of lemon. I like mine very lemony, however season to your own taste.

·         Drop in the greens, cooking until withered. Spinach will take 45 seconds, kale will take longer.

·         Gap among two dishes and sprinkle with any of the garnishes.


More choices!

·         To take this toward another path, enhance shrewd, some of the time I'll avoid the lemon and include a shower of toasted sesame oil, which gives this a gritty profundity which I ache for some of the time. You can hurl in solid shapes of tofu (or left-over chicken) on the off chance that you like.

·         Different occasions I'll toss in lemongrass and lime leaves, and use lime rather than lemon for more a Thai or Vietnamese twist. Play around and you will locate your ideal rendition.

It is about the broth!