Chelsea's Enthusiasm For Nicolas Pepe Recommends That The Blues Are At Last Changing Their Methodology

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For a really long time, Chelsea have invested their time and vitality on the wrong focuses in the transfer market. Back amid Roman Abramovich's initial days, just the best was adequate, and subsequently, a portion of Europe's best moved to Stamford Bridge. However at this point? That is not the situation. 
To be sure, in the course of the last couple of seasons, Chelsea have marked players that basically haven't been adequate. From Michy Batshuayi to Alvaro Morata, Tiemoue Bakayoko to Danny Drinkwater, any reasonable person would agree that the Blues have had definitely a larger number of disappointments than they have had hits in late seasons – as it's nothing unexpected that they've, subsequently, dropped down the Premier League table. These players have relapsed since moving to Chelsea, and that is all you have to think about how poor Chelsea's ongoing business has been. 

What's the explanation behind that? All things considered, at this stage, it's vague. Obviously, the transfer market has changed as of late, and average players cost more than the top players completed 10 years back, however all things considered, it was clear rapidly that any semblance of Danny Drinkwater and Alvaro Morata basically sometimes fell short for the Blues. The main thing that is apparent is that Chelsea weren't marking Europe's premier talent. 
That, clearly, can't proceed. Chelsea urgently need to get back among the best groups in England, and except if their transfer methodology changes, that won't occur. Luckily, the most recent focus on that Chelsea have would absolutely returned them among Europe's best. 
As indicated by the Mirror, Chelsea are enthused about Lille attacker Nicolas Pepe, who looks set to be Europe's next breakout star. He's been a standout amongst Europe's best performers this term, having packed away 19 goals and 11 aids Ligue 1 – far outperforming any other individual at Chelsea, other than Eden Hazard. 

Obviously, focusing on him and marking him are two unique things, yet the goal is there, and for Chelsea, that is more than they've had for a long time now. 
Obviously, the Blues are tired of their players not performing, and their exchange procedure is changing thus. Their attention is on somebody like Pepe – a veritable future star – in front of somebody like Danny Drinkwater, who most supporters would have moaned at when he marked for the club. Is Pepe destined to be a triumph at Chelsea? Obviously not, yet it's unquestionably significantly additionally reassuring to see the Blues moving for somebody that has looked so great throughout the most recent year or two rather than one more average talent. 
This is incredible news for fans of the club. On the off chance that they're to get any opportunity of inspiring next season, the faculty that they're focusing on must improve, and if this is an indication of what might be on the horizon, fans can breathe a sigh of relief during the evening realizing that the Chelsea board have it leveled out.